Combined 2011 Federal and Alberta personal income tax rates

Taxable income Alberta                        Marginal tax rate on
                                               Basic      Tax         Eligible       Other        Capital
From              To                      Tax        Rate     Dividends   Dividends    Gains
$–                 $10,527              $–         0.00%       0.00%       0.00%         0.00%
10,528            16,977                –       15.00          0.00           2.08            7.50
16,978            41,544              968     25.00          0.00         10.21          12.50
41,545            83,088           7,109     32.00          7.85         18.96          16.00
83,089          128,800         20,403     36.00        13.49         23.96          18.00
128,801+                            36,860     39.00        17.72         27.71          19.50

Personal tax credits other than the basic personal tax credit (already included in the calculation) should reduce your tax payable calculated as per the above table.

Automobile tax deduction and tax benefits rates

Capital cost limit – $30,000 + GST/PST

Interest tax deduction
on financing loans – $300/month

Tax deduction
leasing costs – $800/month + GST/PST

Tax exempt automobile allowances
paid to employees
Provinces – first 5,000 km – c52/km
- additional km – c46/km


Personal Income Tax Return 2011 Checklist

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